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Should I ask the housekeeper if I want another appointment?

​Please contact the company for all future appointments. Housekeepers are explicitly trained to never make an appointment, and if this occurs the appointment will not be honored. . Appointments can be made by calling (562) 920-1769 or you can book online at You're welcome to use the same cleaner, so please let your customer service representative know you were pleased and would like to continue using the same cleaner and they will be sent out on subsequent appointments. You can also check for your preferred cleaners open schedule online, but please be sure to select the correct geographic location so that your cleaner's schedule presents itself.


Does the cleaner bring supplies?


Yes. We provide all supplies at no extra charge. We don't take requests on specific brands, but if there is a product that we don't use that you would like us to use, you can either purchase it, and the cleaner will be happy to use it.


How does this company work?


All of our cleanings are completely customizable. You pay for the time. There is a 3 hour minimum on each appointment per maid. The quality of the work is guaranteed. The completion is only a matter of time, so if given the proper time we are certain you will be pleased with your experience.


Are you bonded and insured?


Yes. We understand the concern of having a new person in your personal space. We are insured in case of theft so your personal posessions are protected from this type of dubious activity. We take this very seriously, so please inform management if you even suspect such activity.



If I go over my purchased time am I charged more?


Yes. Please refer to the price guide. Reoccuring services provide for the best overage rates, so be sure to sign up if you plan on getting more cleanings.

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